Strawberry pincushion

I thought I would share with you a little something that I made…a flat Strawberry Wrist Pincushion! I was finding it most frustrating when I had fittings with clients and rumaging about for pins; so I decided to make a wrist pincushion. I have attached a free downloadable pattern

Items needed:

  • Red cotton material approx. 20x20cm
  • Green cotton material 30x9cm
  • Green embroidery thread
  • Stuffing
  • Sewable Velcro approx 10cm
  • And pattern! download here…





Using the template pattern Cut out the required pieces…


Gather stitch around 0.5cm from the edge of the material and 2nd line of gathering 1cm from the edge of the material

Pull the gather stitch up.

Stuff with wadding making it firm. Pull the gathering threads as tightly as possible and wrap the threads around a pin to secure, but do not cut the long threads that are left over. With a long thread from the gathering, thread it through a needle and stitch the hole together.

Once you have enclosed the hole, with the green embroidery thread and needle; stitch up through the centre of the cushion and divide into quarters then into 8ths; making sure you go through the same centre hole each time and pulling as tight as you go for each one.


Cut the wristband out, fold in half and stitch around the edges 1cm seam allowance…remember to leave a gap(opening) so you can pull through! Trim the edges.

Once pulled through, press and edge stitch. Attach the velcro to either ends of the wrist band, the grippy end to the underside and the softer part of the velcro to the top side. Then place the cushion section onto the band, approx 7cm from the grippy end (but roughly place it on your own wrist first). Pin in place then stitch the pincushion onto the band.

IMG_9836 (1)

And voila!!! It’s finished and ready to use!!

So the next time you are indoors on a wet and windy day and you don’t know what to do…make yourself a pincushion!!

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