Vintage Swimsuits

My mission…to recreate 1950s swimsuit/beach suit!

Research is key here and I’ve been ploughing through lots of images from books, magazines, patterns and of course the Internet!

I know I do not want to put a zip in like a lot of swimsuits has back then and also want to try to avoid stretch fabrics. So what to do? Sherring of course! and lots of it.

Sherring is a great way to give a non stretch fabric stretch. This is done by wrapping a Sherrington elastic to the bobbin when sewing and keeping the upper thread as a normal cotton. When stitched with a normal stitch it gathers the material up.

Full sherred backs in the above two

Loving the Sherrington on these with the frilled skirt…

Sherring is a great way to fit a swimsuit when you are not using a stretch fabric. So now to work out the pattern. I shall keep you posted with my progress!

Wish me luck! X

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